Fred Hennes - October 7, 2018

Heaven YES Comes After Hell NO

Scripture References: Habakkuk 1:13

From Series: "Life Beyond"

Eternal life is a promise of the Christian faith that solicits an underwhelming response from most. Perhaps the idea of “resting in peace”, or playing a harp while sitting on a cloud, or being in a white robe singing in a perpetual choir has dimmed our enthusiasm. Is heaven a church service that never ends? Sure, there will be no more mourning, crying or pain, but then again when we sleep we don’t experience these either. What will heaven be like? Once we discover what the Bible reveals to us about heaven, our wonder and excitement for it will begin to soar. And vigor for this life will be renewed. Life Beyond is something to eagerly anticipate, much like a 5-year-old awaits Christmas morning.

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