Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.


Matthew 28:19-20

The Horn of Africa

New Generations International – Transformational Disciple Making Movements

Discipleship Catalyst

We exist to glorify God by actively partnering with others to catalyze DISCIPLESHIP MAKING MOVEMENT outcomes in the Horn region and beyond through training, equipping and mobilizing local believers to help establish communities of believers who in radical obedience to the Word of God are being transformed by Christ and are transforming their communities as well as going to other communities to do the same. Home to… 344 people groups & population of 159 million. 5676 New Churches Planted. 199130 New Disciples. Went from planting 1 church every 4 days. Now planting 4 churches every day.

South East Asia

New Generations International – Transformational Disciple Making Movements

Our passion

Driven by a fervent desire, we strive to empower disciples to cultivate a legacy of faith, sparking movements of churches planting churches across S.E. Asia. In a region where over half the populace resides among 650+ unreached groups, the ripe fields await a transformative harvest, poised for a groundbreaking movement.

The Gambia

AG World Missions

The Corbins

In the heart of West Africa’s remote, off-grid landscapes, the Corbins dedicate their lives to serve. Amidst Northern Gambia’s absence of churches, their mission with a dedicated team is to reach the Mandika people for Christ, aspiring to ignite a church planting movement that resonates through West Africa among unreached groups.

Santa Cruz

Youth With A Mission (YWAM)

The Solimas

Chris and Cary Solima lead a vibrant effort in Santa Cruz, supporting a global Christian movement passionate about presenting Jesus to contemporary and future generations. They focus on mobilization for this cause and equipping believers for their role in the Great Commission, aiming to attract thousands to Christ in a city known for its youthful seekers of truth.

The Bay Area

CRU – Valor

The Gerigs

Nate and Tara Gerig are spearheading a mission with CRU’s Valor, transforming lost military-affiliated students into Christ-centered leaders. Covering the Bay Area and beyond, their strategy leverages military networks to influence nations for Christ, from the University of California – Berkeley to other prominent campuses.


Ignite the Nations

Gospel Frontiers

Known as the land of 5 rivers this area is renowned for it’s wonderful, hospitable people and colorful culture.  With a population of nearly 30 million people of the 1.3 billion that populate India, there are thousands of villages that have no Gospel witness.  The main religions of this region are Sikhism and Hinduism.  There are unchurched villages where, for the most part, the inhabitants have never even heard of Jesus Christ, let alone the salvation He offers.  ITN is focused on reaching these unchurched villages with the clear Gospel message, planting churches, and making disciples all along the way.


One Gift, One Child

The Charlotins

Striving to forge a haven for vulnerable children, the Charlotins’ One Gift, One Child initiative champions healing, discipleship, and family unity in Haiti. They confront abuse and neglect, aspiring to ensure every child enjoys a safe, nurturing environment, whether through family reunification or fostering, embodying God’s redemptive plan for every child.


Youth With A Mission (YWAM)

The Andersons

For over three decades, the Andersons have passionately cultivated missionaries through training and discipleship, guiding thousands towards their divine callings. Their vision extends to influencing society across all domains—ensuring God’s sovereignty is acknowledged in every aspect of life and advancing His kingdom against the forces of darkness.

Monterey Bay

Teen Challenge

Mike Borden

Mike Borden pioneers a transformative path for individuals, guiding them towards holistic wellness through the life-changing power of Jesus Christ. Teen Challenge’s commitment to nurturing mentally sound, emotionally balanced, and spiritually vibrant lives underscores the urgent need for space, urging immediate action to embrace this new beginning.

Scotts Valley

Fridays At Five

Every Friday

Every Friday at 5pm, our commitment to reflect Jesus’ love manifests through distributing food to the needy. This act of love not only provides groceries but also a sense of community to those we serve, right from our church’s carport. Note: We pause to honor holidays, resuming our mission with renewed spirit.

Use the promo code 831-438-0646 @ Scotts Valley Market and they will donate 5% of your total purchase to the Fridays at Five program.

Santa Cruz County

Pregnancy Resource Center


The PRC stands as a beacon of hope for women and families facing unexpected pregnancies, offering a spectrum of free services. From compassionate support to educational initiatives, our commitment extends beyond immediate assistance, aiming to empower through knowledge, care, and the unwavering belief in the value of every life.

Faith Promise 2024

Print the card and bring it to the church or fill it out electronically here. Giving to the Global Impact Fund can be done through our secure giving page.

Be Practical

Practically consider what God would have you give. Promise only what you believe God wants to give through you, then trust Him to be faithful in your promise.

Be Prayerful

Prayerfully consider this addition to your tithe. The Gospel changes lives. Giving, although important, is secondary to faith and prayer. God will supply the amount promised.

Make a Promise

Faith Promise is a promise to God, not a pledge to the church. No one will notify you or keep track of your progress towards your commitment.