With Jesus as our example, we are honored to lead, guide, and sacrifice for the community of GateWay Bible Church



Pastoral and office Staff

Amber Britt

Student Ministries Associate

Amber loves to spend time with people and keep busy. She pours her heart out to your middle schoolers and high schoolers. Youth ministry has been a big part of Amber’s walk with Christ when she was a youth and it was because of her leaders she was inspired to be a part of both our Middle School and High School group. She grew up in Santa Clara and has been in Scotts Valley 4 years. She became a Christian at a youth summer retreat in middle school. She also loves animals, especially cute baby animals and her favorite foods are salmon and sashimi.

Amy Chubb

Director of Children’s Ministries

A San Lorenzo Valley native, who has been married to her best friend since 2006 and has two beautiful young children, Carson and Mariah. Amy’s favorites are camping trips, beach days, hiking, and biking – keeping active and in awe of God and exploring God’s beautiful creation with family and friends.

Ashley Harrell


Ashley is a jack of all trades, but her passions are becoming a firefighter, dog sitting, and helping out in her community to show the love of Jesus to everyone. Her last name may look familiar? It’s because she is also twin sisters with our very own Student Ministry Associate Amber! Ashley has a heart for animals, but mainly dogs so she tries to play with as many dogs as possible in one day. Jujitsu is also something Ashley really enjoys, so don’t sneak up on her or you might be put into a choke hold!

Chesney Malabuyo

Assistant to Next Gen Pastor

Chesney grew up in SLV and after attending multiple colleges up and down the west coast ended up back in Santa Cruz county.  She is married to Tim, who from time to time shows off his piano skills on the worship team.  They have 3 boys, Caleb, Tyler and Tayte, who keep life fun, interesting and busy.  After living in Europe they all love to travel and explore more of this big world.  Even though they lived in a cold country for a while, she always keeps sunglasses on her head…always ready for the sun!

Dan Bowman

Next Gen Pastor

Husband, Dad, Next Gen Pastor (a.k.a.Bowmanator). Dan is a SoCal boy living in the NorCal area. His blood bleeds blue and purple for the Dodgers & Lakers. He’s been married to his beautiful wife Jeni since 1996 (119 in dog years). He has 3 kids: Spencer, Brendan & Makenna. Interesting Facts: Dan is blind and deaf when he surfs, but knows how to rip. He loves musicals, but will deny it if you ever ask him. He also loves spending time with God, and going to every fast food restaurant he can.

Dave Enns

Worship Pastor

Dave likes doing unique things – exploring with the family, building stuff, snowboarding, acapella, technology, ocean waves, travel, apologetics, big coffee table books, & rollerblades, and appreciating someone’s cool creation. He is also known as “Dave the Horn Guy” and likes to strap bulb horns on his body and share a musical overdose of joy (www.davethehornguy.com). He’s been married to Amy (married 16+ years) and has four amazing kids – Gabe, Andrew, Maya, and Elisha! He is Husband, Father, and Worship Pastor!

Fred Hennes

Senior Pastor

Fred enjoys cooking, fishing, archery and camping. (Oh, and he loves those Warriors.). After spending 17 years in the world of high-tech manufacturing, Fred “traded up” to a career as Pastor. Little known fact: He passed on an interview at Apple while they only had 5 employees and worked out of the garage. Goals: “Love my wife. Love my children. Love my grandkids. Teach the Word. Manage stuff.” Fred has been married to Maredith since 1980 (that’s close to 40 years!), has three great kids: Valerie, Jeffrey and Nate, and four adorable grandchildren:  Audrey, Avery, Ryker, & Shyla.

Gretchen Schmitt


Gretchen grew up right here in SV, left for college in Arizona, an internship in Cincinnati, a job in San Francisco and slowly worked her way back to Scotts Valley. She loves living here, loves to run, loves to play tennis, and loves the Lord. She is married to an amazing man, Gary, since 1988 and has 3 beautiful daughters: Nicole, Kristen, and Courtney. Fun facts: Gretchen runs marathons and has even done an iron man triathlon! Despite all the activity she is secretly lazy and enjoys just lying on the couch!

Josh Brady

Middle School Director

Being out in nature and enjoying God’s creation has Josh turned into an addict of surfing, hiking, and anything beach related. He also loves to hang out with his friends whether it’s taking long road trips, fellowship over a bonfire, or binge watching TV series on Netflix. He always enjoys good company! Josh comes from a small town called Arnold about 3 hours away from Santa Cruz. He moved here about a year ago and is going into his second year of college at Cabrillo.

Rachael Yanez

Assistant to Worship Pastor

Rachael grew up in beautiful Santa Cruz. She loves photography, finding a new trail to hike, spontaneous adventures, singing, trail running, and graphic design. She has travelled to Mexico, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, England, and Russia.

Ron Marsh

Adult Pastor

Ron is an Oregon native and has two of the best kids on the planet! Goals: “As a Dad-love my kids. As a follower of Jesus-live the gospel and reflect Him to the world around me. As a leadership coach-walk alongside leaders by helping them grow, encouraging them to meet God in their circumstances and drawing out the very best in them.” Ron’s hobbies are running, biking (road and mountain), singing and playing guitar. He enjoys doing just about anything with his kids! He’s had the privilege of serving in churches as a youth pastor, associate and lead pastor. Fact: Ron grew up in his parents’ meat plant and doesn’t eat hot dogs for a reason!

Sandrina Gehrke

Women’s Director / Assistant to Associate Pastor

Sandrina loves the beach, tropical hikes, camping, holidays with family, Sudoku and Women’s Retreats! She is married to her wonderful husband Glenn and has three beautiful children who are the loves of her life. She’s been in Scotts Valley since 2002 and has attended GateWay Bible Church over 15 years. Sandrina also loves snorkeling, diving, hiking, traveling and building stuff/cooking with her dad when he visits.

Steve Esparza


Steve was born in Orange, CA one of 12 kids. He is the 7th. He’s have been married to Teri for 36 years and has 3 children: Marcos, Jacob and Rachel. We have two grandchildren, Story & Hudson. He loves his family and good Mexican food. He loves to joke around with family and friends. He went to Catholic School without any side effects (that he knows of). Steve used to play baseball, basketball, football, handball and racquetball but now he watches them from his recliner with ice on both knees.

Terri Buller

Assistant to the Senior Pastor

Terri loves being with her husband and two daughters…traveling, the snow, water skiing, mountain biking and being at the ocean. She has worked at GateWay since 2010, and before having her two beautiful daughters Alyssa and Hannah, had a career at an automotive company for 18 years. Her passion is to love the Lord first, serving at GateWay. Fun fact: she accepted the Lord on a beach on Catalina Island.


Our Elders join the leadership in taking the responsibility of praying and caring for the spiritual lives of our church.

Floyd Kvamme


Floyd has visited virtually every country in Europe, most of SE Asia, Latin America, and from the Antarctic to central Siberia. He also enjoys an occasional round of golf and has followed the SF 49ers since 1946 – the year of their beginning. He enjoys reading theology, politics, and history.

Jean and Floyd married in 1959 after graduating from UC Berkeley. Interesting facts: He got involved with semiconductors before Silicon Valley was called Silicon Valley and worked at Fairchild and National Semiconductor. Then, he got into the computer business, first starting a company and later as EVP of Marketing and Sales at Apple. Before retiring, he spent 24 years in the Venture Capital industry. Floyd served as Co-Chair of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology in the White House from 2001 to 2009. He has three married sons and enjoys time with his grandkids hopefully helping them mature into stalwart Christians. Floyd also serves on an advisory board for Wheaton College, the board for Joni & Friends, and three technology companies.

Fred Hennes

Elder (Ex Officio)

Fred enjoys cooking, fishing, archery and camping. Oh, and he loves those Giants, 49rs and Warriors. After spending 17 years in the world of high-tech manufacturing, Fred “traded up” to a career as Pastor. Little known fact: He passed on an interview at Apple while they only had 5 employees and worked out of the garage. Goals: “Love my wife. Love my children. Love my grandkids. Teach the Word. Manage stuff.” Fred has been married to Maredith since 1980 (that’s close to 40 years!), and has three great kids: Valerie, Jeffrey and Nate, and four adorable grandchildren: Audrey, Avery, Ryker, & Shyla.

Paul Koenig


Paul enjoys motorcycle riding, camping, scuba diving, taking long hikes and problem solving challenges. He met his beautiful British wife, Andrea, in Singapore and has been married 16 fabulous years. He has two kids: Elyse 12 and Nathan 10 who both attend Baymonte Christian School. Paul was born and raised in Colorado. Interesting facts: Paul served in the Navy, stationed in Japan, and was deployed to Desert Shield / Desert Storm. He then moved to Santa Cruz County, continuing his education in computer security at the start of the internet age in early 90s. Paul is a COO of a Security Consulting firm headquartered in the Bay Area.

Ray Fransen


Ray’s hobbies are building, reading, gardening, golf. Ray married Conni in 1972 (wow, that’s 45 + years!). They raised six children and have seven grandchildren. Ray wants to serve God where He places him. Currently that means assisting with the Benevolence Ministry and teaching toddlers with his wife Conni. He is a graduate of San Jose State College and worked in public service for twenty-two years  in Sunnyvale, CA. He’s also been a General Building Contractor for twenty-five years.