6min Vision (& mini lesson) from Dave


Goal: To adjust our worship library to total about 40+ songs. Each month, + 1 and – 1 song (could be old, new, middle aged, or original). This is a combination of the two survey lists: (1) narrowing down our current song library and (2) incorporating new song potentials.

All of these choices will aim to reflect:

  1. The global movement of worship culture (conferences, missions, viral, testimonial, etc).
  2. Our church’s revised mission, vision, & strategy.
  3. Our local demographic and the “life of our church” (song from mission’s month, a retreat, an original, etc).
Step 1 - Current Song Library

Step 2 - Potential New Songs

Step 3 - Free Coffee!

DUDE! You can’t just click on step 3 without completing steps 1 & 2!!! Booooo! If you did not complete steps 1 & 2, then you owe Dave a free coffee, email here to set that up.

CONGRATULATIONS! If you properly completed steps 1 & 2, then free coffee is coming your way! Email Dave and let’s setup a time to hangout at the coffee shop of your choice. I guess that might not be as exciting to you after all (Dave must be present). But hey, one on one with the gentlemen, or in mixed groups with our ladies, let’s do it! Thanks for taking the time to go through our list, I really appreciate it!

“Come let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.” Psalm 95:1