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Welcome to GateWay Kid’s Ministry! We have 5 programs for all ages to guide and teach children about God’s love, salvation and to train them in Bible skills and knowledge! All children are welcomed by our trained and qualified volunteers into a fun and supportive environment. We welcome families from all over the county…from Watsonville to Boulder Creek. We hope to meet you soon!

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Life. It can be
full of frustration.
The Branches counselors would like to come alongside and support you in facing such times; to grow in Him and ‘bear much fruit.’


Branches Ministry offers licensed clinical counseling, pastoral counseling and certified life coaching.  All our services are client-focused, relationship based, and supportive of personal growth and change which reflects God’s will and the Biblical base at GBC.

Christian Life Coaching

places specific emphasis on forward focus; discovering personal goals and taking action towards goal fulfillment. Clients partner with their certified coach for encouragement, action planning, and accountability.  It is a partnership, which can evolve into an ongoing relationship tailored to meet client needs.

Pastoral Counseling

at Branches extends available resources to the church community and is similar to what is provided by  any of the regular Pastoral staff at Gateway.

Clinical and Pastoral Counseling

services at Branches provide short-term assessment and counseling. Like coaching, this may help clients to discover and reach specific goals. Counseling is also designed to identify areas for deeper consideration or exploration. When such exploration is ongoing our counselors are qualified and able to offer that support or make suitable referrals to other appropriate professionals.






  • Qualified Christian clinical counseling with trained professionals for adolescents, adults, individuals, couples, and groups.
  • Two free sessions to members of GateWay Bible Church or Baymonte Christian School.
  • Options to continue counseling on a sliding fee-for-service scale, or
  • Referral to a qualified counselor.
  • Group sessions and training seminars offered on a periodic basis.
  • Certified Christian coaching to encourage personal growth and accountability in discovering and fulfilling your God-given destiny.

We are here for you