Many say racism is a systemic problem impacting all areas of society. Clearly, racism is a social evil that deserves our understanding, response and solutions. Join us for 3 sermons that apply Biblical perspective to cultural realities that we are all faced with.

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The Seeds of Darwinism

Systemic racism is a reality, not because our county was founded as racist, but rather embedded into our educational system is the seeds of Darwinian Evolution. This science denies the dignity of man and places certain people groups ahead of others based on the color of their skin. Genesis 11:1-9.

The Fruit of Eugenics

Eugenics attempts to apply the “survival of the fittest” by limiting human compassion upon the weakest and poorest of society. As a result, abortion has become the number one killer of blacks in America. Romans 1:28-31.

Discerning Good From Evil

Society is confused over what is good and what is evil. We not longer look to God for the answer, but we have turned to our government and our national media to provide the answer. A return to God’s Word, the source of all truth is needed. Hebrews 5:11-14.