Ron Marsh - July 11, 2021

When Dependency Is the Goal Weakness Is an Asset

What if weak is the new strong? The testimony throughout scripture is that God shines His strength through our weakness not our strength. Today, we will look at the counterintuitive principle that when dependency is the goal, weakness is an asset

Scripture References: 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, Judges 7:1-22

From Series: "AXIOMS"

Axioms are useful tools in memorizing and categorizing truths applicable to navigating life with wisdom. An axiom is a condensed statement that is taken to be true, however its truth is something that often cannot be proven. The word axiom comes from the Greek axíōma which means “that which is thought worthy or fit.” In this 8 week series we will learn of axioms that our Senior Pastor(s) have used to help them guide and direct the affairs of the church.

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