Fred Hennes - June 30, 2019

The Love God Hates

A Christian is in the world physically, but he is not of the world spiritually. Christ has sent us into the world to bear witness of Him. Like a scuba diver, we must live in an alien element and if we are not careful, the alien element will stifle us. A Christian cannot help being in the world, but when the world is in the Christian, trouble starts!

Scripture References: 1 John 2:12-17

From Series: "Authentic Jesus"

In an age when opinions fly at us unrestrained, John gives us the unchanging gift of truth. When science and philosophy and your social circles say you can’t really know God, John says, yes you can. Dear child, he writes, I’ve touched Him. Where we’ve not only settled for living in the gray, but have formed our identity in it, John points us to light and dark – you’re walking in one or the other. And perhaps most importantly, at a time when the word love means just about anything under the sun, and therefore almost nothing, John tells us “this is what loves is…” And then he shows us the authentic Jesus.

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