Fred Hennes - February 9, 2020

How Can We Trust the Bible to be True?

Every belief has a foundational basis for that belief. It could be a philosopher, teacher, relative, friend or experience but each of us believe what we do for a reason. The Bible gives us the most solid basis of all beliefs.

From Series: "Reasons to Believe"

REASONS to BELIEVE: NEW Teaching Series January 12 - March 1 There are many valid questions about faith that deserve meaningful answers. A wrong response to culture is more than unhealthy or unhelpful; engaging our culture with reasons to believe is literally a matter of life or death. Countering cultural objections means engaging culture with conviction and compassion. We stand firmly on the truth of God, empowered by the Spirit, to extend the love of Christ to the world. Our desire isn't to conquer but to redeem, not to win arguments, but to make God's name and character known. GateWay Bible's 8-week winter teaching series will address the hot topics that tend to steer people away from the Christian faith. Here is a sampling of some of the questions we will explore. How can there only be one true faith? / How could a loving God allow so much suffering? / Isn't Christianity homophobic? Hasn't science disproved Christianity? / How could a loving God send people to Hell? / Wouldn't humanity be better off without religion? / How can you possibly take the Bible literally? The heart of every Christian should burn with desire for God's glory. We can't sit back and remain silent on these important issues while God isn't glorified, and people are on a path that ultimately leads to self-destruction. That desire should drive not only our personal prayers but also our public lives on a daily basis. Invite your friends to attend this highly relevant series!

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