An amazing benevolence project from now through October 20th!



2020 has been full of challenges for a lot of people. The rippling effects of a financial disaster can infect so many areas of a person’s well-being. It is hard to see people we know attempt to bear this alone.
Let’s boldly and excitedly get in there to help! Consider being like an ambulance of benevolence to a neighbor, a co-worker, a friend, or anybody else in your network who is in need. If GateWay is your home, then we are preapproving and encouraging you to help somebody with up to $500 of benevolence support that will help with their essential needs.
Note: This project is for you to help somebody outside of the GBC family. If you need help yourself, then contact Pastor Dave for a benevolence application.


Most importantly, let’s connect this gift and act of grace with God’s goodness!



Talk about this opportunity with your family and ask God to help direct you to whom you might offer help. Perhaps you are aware of a particular car repair, food shortage, or other essential need that somebody has openly expressed.


Better than Instagram, better than Facebook, better than email, text, or phone….is face to face! Plan out a time to speak with somebody whom you seek to help. Remember that some people may find this uncomfortable. Consider surrounding details like if others are listening or if the person becomes awkwardly fidgety or if accepting help is offensive to them. “Help” is different for each of us. For your own sake and theirs, be familiar with why you are doing this. Just be yourself, as God has created you!


Perhaps you know the details of somebody’s challenges because a third party has revealed it to you in the past. That information should have stayed private before it got to you, so help to keep trustworthy relationships and only offer help for a situation that has been made directly known to you through conversation or observation. Consider speaking in broad terms while asking questions that lean-in towards specific challenges. Let the person bring up the details.


It’s not all about the money, so enjoy the blessing of an enriched conversation with somebody. This is more than just doing love, but rather being love. God is working on you just as He is working on the person you talk to! Find an essential need in the amount of $500 or less. It is our policy not to write checks to the individual, but rather to a person or company that will bless the individual (grocery store, landlord, repair shop, dentist, etc).


Financial difficulties can be revealing of other areas that somebody might be needing help with. Consider Branches Counseling, Friday’s @ Five, Pregnancy Resource Center, or any other social services you are aware of. Most importantly is their personal salvation. If the person is not yet a believer, then pray for the opportunity to point them to Jesus.


Ooooo…it’s getting exciting now! Fill out this benevolence application. The benevolence team will be notified. Email Sandrina with questions.


Once approved, Sandrina will notify you. As you bring this great news back to your person, consider how you might recap why you are doing this and express your excitement to be able to help out during this challenging time. As we are all being made into disciples, this is a practical way that our own faith is put into action. In many ways, the Bible has examples and instruction for how we can love and care for others.


We are putting a timeframe around this project. All check requests need to come in before October 20th, so start praying!