BE PRACTICAL - Practically consider what God would have you give. Promise only what you believe God wants to give through you, then trust Him to be faithful in your promise.

BE PRAYERFUL - Prayerfully consider this addition to your tithe. The Gospel changes lives. Giving, although important, is secondary to faith and prayer. God will supply the amount promised.

​MAKE A PROMISE - Faith Promise is a promise to God, not a pledge to the church. No one will notify you or keep track of your progress towards your commitment. Print the PDF and bring it to the church or fill it out electronically here. Giving to the Global Impact Fund can be done through our secure giving page.

The Horn of Africa

New Generations International – Transformational Disciple Making Movements





We exist to glorify God by actively partnering with others to catalyze DISCIPLESHIP MAKING MOVEMENT outcomes in the Horn region and beyond through training, equipping and mobilizing local believers to help establish communities of believers who in radical obedience to the Word of God are being transformed by Christ and are transforming their communities as well as going to other communities to do the same. Home to… 344 people groups & population of 159 million. 5676 New Churches Planted. 199130 New Disciples. Went from planting 1 church every 4 days. Now planting 4 churches every day.






Ahead Ministries

Oscar James


Today, Ahead Ministries in Liberia is ministering to thousands. Christ is preached, the hungry are fed, the naked are clothed, and widows and children are being cared for. Through Ahead, there have been several church plants, schools started, medical centers opened, wells drilled to provide clean drinking water, assistance provided to start farming programs, micro loans made, and training seminars given amongst others.

West Africa


These partners serve in an undisclosed location to reach people who have not heard the Good News! They are developing deep roots as they graft into the daily routines of this people group’s culture. Building trust. Living among them. Sharing meals. All to advance the Gospel so that every ear may hear!


Ignite the Nations

Known as the land of 5 rivers this area is renowned for it’s wonderful, hospitable people and colorful culture.  With a population of nearly 30 million people of the 1.3 billion that populate India, there are thousands of villages that have no Gospel witness.  The main religions of this region are Sikhism and Hinduism.  There are unchurched villages where, for the most part, the inhabitants have never even heard of Jesus Christ, let alone the salvation He offers.  ITN is focused on reaching these unchurched villages with the clear Gospel message, planting churches, and making disciples all along the way.


One Gift, One Child

Natalie & Pierre Charlotin


One Gift, One Child exists to provide a safe place for vulnerable children to come and receive healing through love, nurture, discipleship and counseling all while fighting to stay in a family unit.  One Gift, One Child seeks to show value to those who are abused, neglected, thrown away and looked down upon by the Haitian culture.    This has many aspects but the main goal is to provide EVERY child a safe environment where they are protected from abuse, trafficking and slavery. If a child cannot be reunited with their family, then a Haitian foster family will be raised up in order to ensure children are in a loving home versus an institution.  We work to prevent orphans by empowering families to keep their children or take back their children they have given away.  We know that God has a plan to redeem every family in Haiti. God values every, single child and there is never one that is too lost for God to find.


YWAM in Pichilemu

Mitch Anderson


Our calling and goal has been to help raise up missionaries through training and discipleship to then go out and disciple the nations.  We are blessed to say that after 33 years in missions, God has allowed us to help thousands of young believers find their calling in Christ. Our challenge is to help young people find and walk in their calling in Christ. That means helping them gain influence in all levels of the society they go to reach. Family, science, government, education, sports, arts, medicine and business were all created by God and must come back under his authority and control. Our mission is to retake territory from the enemy and push back the kingdom of darkness. That is really the big picture mandate God gave us when he commanded us to make disciples of all nations.

Spoken Worldwide

John Stark


Does a person have to read in order to become a follower of Jesus Christ.  Of course not.  Yet most of us, would say that the Bible is how we come to know about Jesus, and how we learn about God, and how God speaks to us.  The Bible, in its translated and written form, is the centerpiece of how we live as Christians.  What does that mean for the 5 billion people around the world who can’t, and won’t ever read?  Spoken Worldwide is a ministry dedicated to providing Bible truth to those people whose daily lives depend on talking to each other.  Through proven techniques, Spoken helps local Christians develop stories that are both true to Scripture and natural to the local communication patterns.  Two out of every three people in the world need to HEAR the message of life in Jesus.  Spoken focuses on answering that need.

Monterey Bay

Teen Challenge

Mike Borden


A new way of life for men, women, and children! Teen Challenge endeavors to help people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well and spiritually alive.” The salvation of Jesus Christ is the main avenue to create true and lasting change in a person’s life. Bed space is limited so do not waste another minute.

Scotts Valley

Friday’s at Five

​Every Friday at 5pm we distribute food to those in need. Why? Because Jesus loves all of us, we want to bless the needy in our community with our love and some groceries. Tables of groceries will be set up in or near the carport at the church office. Please bring an empty bag. We are happy to serve you. Please note: NO food distribution on Friday 12/7 or 1/3. Distribution will be closed because of the holidays on these dates.

Use the promo code 831-438-0646 @ Scotts Valley Market and they will donate 5% of your total purchase to the Fridays at Five program.

Santa Cruz County

Pregnancy Resource Center

The Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) helps women and families who are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy with free services including testing, compassionate support, information, referrals, ultrasounds, and consultations with physicians and nurses.  They also provide abstinence education in our public schools.