Jesus is good news for
We invite you to join us
this weekend at 9:00am! (10:30am will resume at a later date)
Our COVID conscientious campus (reopened!)

Dear Church,

I am very excited to announce that we have resumed our in-person worship services as of June 14. We are streaming from the chapel and have a large area set up for us to worship together outside in the courtyard! We have 3 large screens, audio system, overhead shade, chairs, sanitizing stations, and the rest of the details to diligently follow county health regulations. We want to do our very best to ensure that all of our guests are kept safe as we also coordinate with our construction renovations in mind.

Worshipping in person will look different from past experiences, and so I want to help you prepare for this transition as we aim toward an eventual return to “normal.”

Foot traffic patterns will change as the hallway connecting the two sides of the campus (the one that opens to the kitchen) will be closed. The only bathrooms available will be the women’s lounge, the men’s restroom that backs up to the women’s lounge, and the two bathrooms in the Baymonte teacher lounge.

Here are guidelines we are implementing to keep you safe and to comply with county health regulations.

  1. Masks are required. Please bring your own. We will provide hand sanitizer.
  2. Temperatures will be scanned at the door. Anyone with a temperature above 100 F will be sent home.
  3. Plan on arriving early to our 9:00 am worship gathering to enable the careful, social distancing (6’ apart) seating process.
  4. Social distancing will be required before, during and after the worship service.
  5. No coffee, tea, water or snacks will be served, however, feel free to bring your own from home.
  6. We will not pass offering bags, instead locked offering boxes will be available. Online giving will continue at
  7. For now, children must sit with their parents. Children’s ministry will resume as soon as we receive the county okay.
  8. Bibles, envelopes, communication cards, pens and printed material will not be available in the seatbacks. Please bring your own bibles, pens and sermon notes or use electronic devices.
  9. As much as possible we will provide a touchless service. Sermon notes and bulletin will be posted on our home page.

Live streaming will continue so that those with underlying health issues (heart or lung disease, diabetes), the elderly, those who are extra cautious, or by personal preference – will still be able to join in the worship experience from the comfort of their home. If you or anyone in your home has a high temperature, please stay home.

We will remain flexible in adjusting to your needs as we roll out this plan to once again meet in person.

I look forward to seeing you soon!





Our 2020 building campaign to expand and enhance our campus as God leads us!






Who is on the leadership team?
A lot of God-loving people! These pictures represent our staff & elder page. You will also have the pleasure of meeting many different volunteer leaders who serve in various ministries.

Where should I park?
We host a school on our site, so there is a variety of places to park…  
What about my kids?

 For now, children must sit with their parents. Children’s ministry will resume as soon as we receive the county okay.

How do I join a group?
We were hoping you would ask that! The Life Group page explains this core piece to our church as we aim to make disciples (followers of Jesus Christ). Browse our website to learn more about Bible studies, youth groups, worship ministries, mission trips, etc.
What denomination does the church belong to?
Oooo…now we are getting the fancy words out! A denomination is a larger organization that some churches will collectively belong to. Our church does not belong to a denomination, but we have Baptist roots through our founders in 1958.

A few times a year, Fred & Maredith host a STARTING POINT at their house to get to know any newer people better. Contact Jennifer Osorio to be notified of the next date!