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Worship Services

Worship Songs

I'm do I connect?

Fill out this form so that we can learn more about you! A few times a year, Fred & Maredith host a STARTING POINT at their house to get to know any newer people better. Contact Jennifer Osorio to be notified of the next date!

Who is on the leadership team?
A lot of God-loving people! These pictures represent our staff & elder page. You will also have the pleasure of meeting many different volunteer leaders who serve in various ministries.

Where should I park?
We host a school on our site, so there is a variety of places to park…  
How do I join a group?
We were hoping you would ask that! The Life Group page explains this core piece to our church as we aim to make disciples (followers of Jesus Christ). Browse our website to learn more about Bible studies, youth groups, worship ministries, mission trips, etc.
What denomination does the church belong to?
Oooo…now we are getting the fancy words out! A denomination is a larger organization that some churches will collectively belong to. Our church does not belong to a denomination, but we have Baptist roots through our founders in 1958.
What about my kids?

Children’s ministry has resumed on campus with various safety precautions in place. Alternatively, we are also producing the Children’s Online Worship Experience. As you disciple your children, consider using both of these resources!

Difficult times?

Difficult times? Benevolence help or Branches Counseling. Email the church office with prayer requests.