Heart of Worship

Jesus’ great commission includes the disciple-making instruction to teach others what He has commanded us to obey. Jesus gave 49 unique commands for us to follow; and over these next four weeks we will look at the commands related to worshiping Him in our series, The Heart of Worship. As we obey these commands, we grow our trusting relationship with Him. Together we are going to discover what it means to worship Him through our love, our private spiritual disciplines and our singular devotion to Him and Him alone.

#4 Who Is My Father 4/10/17

by Ron Marsh | Heart of Worship

#3 Practice Secret Disciplines

by Nate Hennes | Heart of Worship

#2 Keep My Commands 3/26/17

by Fred Hennes | Heart of Worship

#1 Love The Lord 3/19/17

by Fred Hennes | Heart of Worship