Many of us seek after our own personal comfort zones. We look for ways to keep control, to limit risk and to reduce the potential for conflict. We can easily carry this attitude into our relationship with Jesus. Because Jesus is most concerned about our growing more and more into His likeness, he wants us out of our comfort zones. He wants us to stretch. He also desires obedience, and a primary way He grows us is to get us reaching out to others through evangelism – the sharing of the Good News. This series will explore every Christian’s call to evangelism, the process of evangelism and the barriers to evangelism. The goal will be to help us stretch into the person God desires us to be.

#3 The Barriers to Evangelism 9/18/16

by Fred Hennes | Stretch

#2 The Process of Evangelism 9/18/16

by Fred Hennes | Stretch




Sermon notes

#1 The Call of Evangelism 8/28/16

by Fred Hennes | Stretch