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Prayer Matters

Perhaps you have heard the latest mantra in our culture that “thoughts and prayers are not enough.” For the most part we have made it clear to God that we don’t want him meddling in the affairs of man. Our culture pushes God to the margins of…

Break Through Prayer
(Matthew 6:9-13)
1/14/18 Fred Hennes
Ask, Seek, Knock
(Matthew 7:7-11)
1/21/18 Fred Hennes
Ask in Faith
(Mark 11:24)
1/28/18 Fred Hennes
Watch and Pray
(Matthew 26:41)
2/4/18 Fred Hennes

Vision 2018

GateWay’s Vision, Mission, & Strategy
1/7/18 Fred Hennes


This is that time of year when we become painfully aware of where we are not, who we are not, and what we need to do differently. Traditionally, the new year is a season of resolutions and starting over. Unfortunately we quickly find out that resolve and regret aren’t enough to bring the lasting change we are looking for. If we really want to change, we are invited to partner with the Master Transformer in order to renew our thoughts and thinc diphruntly!

(Romans 12:1-2)
12/31/17 Ron Marsh

Christmas Eve

Jesus, God’s Greatest Gift
(verse TBD)
12/24/17 Fred Hennes


Have you noticed how most people want more money, more things and more experiences? Then once they have it, they want to replace it with “stuff” that is better and bigger? Yet, when more “quality stuff” is acquired it never seems to be enough and even more is desired? When we feed our consumption appetite, it cannot be satisfied, and contentment remains elusive. As Solomon recorded in Ecclesiastes 5:10, “Whoever loves money never has enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income.” This 3-week series called Contentment, teaches us to follow Jesus in the handling of our wealth. Jesus reveals the surest means to control our consumption and experience godly contentment as a result.

#1 Beware of Greed
(Luke 12:15)
12/3/17 Fred Hennes

#2 Taxes and Tithes
(Matt 22:15-22)
12/10/17 Fred Hennes

#3 Lay Up Treasures
(Matt 6:19-21)
12/17/17 Fred Hennes


Taking the Gospel to places where church activities and open evangelism is unlawful by the government and there is a serious threat to one’s life and fear of reprisal.

For the people who live in these nations there is no freedom of religion and there is no opportunity to hear the story of the Good News unless followers of Christ go. RESTRICTED is our term, not God’s. To Him no nation is closed. There is no wall or culture or religious system or police force that will keep out the life-changing power of the Holy Spirit! (Romans 10:14-15)

Make your pledge to the 2018 Global Impact funding!

#1 Spoken Worldwide
11/5/17 John Stark

#2 India
11/12/17 Global partner

#3 City Teams
11/19/17 Global partner

#4 Global Impact
11/26/17 Dan Bowman


Everything that God commanded about living a godly life comes down to REALationships. The abundant life that Jesus promised is found primarily in loving God and loving our neighbors as ourselves. Our REALationships are to be just that: real, open and honest with unconditional love that binds us together. Nine of the forty-nine commands that Jesus gave us speak directly to REALationships. For nine weeks, this fall we will explore the different facets of how we can truly love one another deeply. It will be fun to explore together the unchangeable truths of God’s Word as we learn how to become better neighbors.

9/3/17 Fred Hennes

9/10/17 Fred Hennes

9/17/17 Fred Hennes

#4 Go To Offenders
9/24/17 Fred Hennes

#5 Forgive Offenders
10/01/17 Fred Hennes

#6 Do Unto Others
10/08/17 Fred Hennes

#7 Do Not Lust
10/15/17 Fred Hennes

#8 Keep Your Word
10/22/17 Fred Hennes

#9 Invite the Poor
10/29/17 Fred Hennes

The Heart of Opposition

A reality of following Jesus is that we will encounter lots of people who will oppose our faith, our lifestyle, and our message. Opposition is to be expected and we need to understand how to deal with it, if we are to live a victorious Christian life. Jesus himself said, “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.” (John 15:18) Our new series, The Heart of Opposition, will help each of us to indeed keep in mind there are people who hate us. But we will also discover how to manage those same relationships for the ultimate good of all.

#1 Love Your Enemies
7/30/17 Fred Hennes

#2 Go The Second Mile
8/6/17 Ron Marsh

#3 Be Wise As Serpants
8/13/17 Fred Hennes

#4 Rejoice
8/20/17 Al Roberts

#5 Fear God, Not Man
8/27/17 Fred Hennes

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